Chicago Nerd Social Club is proud to bring back Nerd-O-Ween 2019 on Saturday, October 19th! We work hard every year to evolve Nerd-O-Ween as an excellent and inexpensive event that brings the local nerd community together.
All attendees must be 21+.

CNSC is a volunteer-run organization with activities year-round, and the cost of your ticket also helps us keep the lights on.

The Details of Nerd-O-Ween 2019 (so far)
  • Prizes: All attendees are automatically entered into a drawing for fabulous local and nerdy prizes. You can get an additional entry by bringing food or drink to share, and prizes go out to our contest winners as well! 🎟️

  • Costumes: Not required, but encouraged! Most importantly, we’ll have a crowd that will appreciate your references. 🤠

  • Pumpkin-Decorating Contest: Want more bragging rights? Bring a jack-o-lantern or decorated pumpkin to display in our contest! (No gourds will be carved onsite.) 🎃

  • Volunteers: If you’d like to volunteer to help with Nerd-O-Ween, please email the CNSC Board at info[at]chicagonerds[dot]com with “Nerd-O-Ween Volunteer” in the subject line. You'll get a discount on your ticket! 

Read This; It’s Important.
  • Weapons Policy: All cosplay must adhere to our weapons policy. Any weapons must be non-working and peace bonded. No guns or functioning projectile launchers permitted. No live steel; bladed weapons must be cased or sheathed at all times. Prop weapons will be allowed if composed of cardboard, foam, wood or other light materials. Prop firearms are allowed only if they cannot be mistaken for real weapons.

  • Anti-Harassment and Event Policy: This event, like all CNSC events, is governed by CNSC’s Anti-Harassment and Event Policy. This party is open only to guests age 21+. By purchasing your ticket to N-O-W, you agree that if you choose to drink alcohol, you’ll do so responsibly, and that any inappropriate behavior will get you booted from a really sweet party.

  • Accessibility Information: Wheelchair-accessible parking and entry are available. We host the costume contest on a theater stage that is elevated by two steps, but all participants may showcase costumes from the floor. We use microphones for all official announcements. The space includes chairs as well as open floor space for wheelchair seating and movement. There will be music played over an audio system, images projected onto a large screen, and decorative lights without strobe effects. If you require 

CNSC is excited to announce Nerd-O-Ween 2018 is sponsored by Chicago Costume! They're providing several prizes, so head straight to Chicago Costume for everything you need to enter our costume contest!