About Us

We call ourselves the Chicago Nerd Social Club because we believe nerds are pretty social people. We embrace our nerdy identities because they’re an integral part of who we are, and in many cases, have brought us professional success, friendships and happy relationships.


Anyone can be a nerd, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, or disability. Whether you’re a hardcore fan, a casual gamer, or a newbie who can't tell Klingon from Quenya, all are welcome!


Check out our Code of Conduct to understand our expectations of our members.


You can find us online at chicagonerds.com and follow us on Twitter @chicagonerds, or join our Facebook group.

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  Board of Organizers  



President (he/him)

Enthusiast of all things nerdy, Matt has been a voice in the industry for several years through his website (Mighty Ink Comics & Entertainment) and his podcasts (Since Last We Spoke and Digital Dumpster Diving). Beginning his journey as an indie comic writer, he’s contributed to various media outlets both print and digital. He’s been invited to speak on panels regarding diversity in geek spaces at C2E2 and Wizard World Chicago, and has been a guest lecturer at DePaul University. Matt is also founder of Core/Demo, an annual geeky belly dance charity event that supports the American Cancer Society. You can find him on Twitter @MightyInkMatt where he frequently geeks out over comics, video games, and pro-wrestling. His favorite color is orange, and he’s fond of the number “13.”



Treasurer (they/she)

Caitlin Rosberg is an Eisner Award winning, writing, knitting, tea drinking, baking machine with all the requisite robotic enhancements. They serve as treasurer on the board of Chicago Nerd Social Club, with over 4,000 members and several major annual events. They were a regular at Ladies' Night at Graham Cracker Comics in the Loop, they also acted as an editor and counter-of-beans for the Ladies’ Night Anthology for five years.  They have contributed to the A.V. Club's Comics Panel and Paste Magazine's weekly Required Reading. They like talking and writing about why Blade is the best comic book movie, the importance of safe spaces in nerd culture, manga, independent publishing, Batman, and diversity in comic books.

You can find them every day observations and really terrible dad jokes on Twitter.  

Ask them about Rhodey, but only if you've got some time.

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Candice originally left Kansas through reading every fantasy novel she could get her hands on, and then for real by moving to Chicago for law school. By day she wrangles traders into complying with laws and by night she (prior to the pandemic) stage managed and ran sound for live productions in the Chicago comedy scene. She’s also a producer on the Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival.  Her idea of an immortality plan is accumulating to be read books on Goodreads (last count was 1740). If you need book recommendations or suggestions on songs to go with specific scenes in shows, you can find her on twitter @camelien42.  Seriously, recommending books is her jam.




Kelsy Nicole is a Minneapolis transplant to Chicago, which she now calls home. She’s a comedian, an undisputed Iron Man expert, a devoted member of the Cult of the Batfamily and enjoys a plethora of other comics, movies and true crime.  She has recently taken up cross-stitch and table top gaming. She can be found reluctantly on Twitter at @actualdgrayson. 




Katherine Aanensen is a former Long Islander who has come to love Chicago despite the dearth of good bagels. A mapmaker by day and an enthusiast of all things nerdy 24/7, they spend a lot of time reading SF/F, playing board games, and working to build a more LGBT+ inclusive workspace. In public, they’ve spoken about how geography impacts memory, queer identity in manga, and why Norway is going to lose Eurovision this year. In private, they will only talk about why Pacific Rim is the best film of all time. They can be found on Twitter @MapsAintReal where they mostly yell about bad maps, musicals, and sea shanties. Once a month they run a true crime book club and occasionally, they moonlight in a Decemberists cover band.




Paul Callan was born and raised in Chicago and loves everything the city has to offer, in the daytime he fixes computers and takes photographs.  When he is not busy teaching his two sons and daughter the ways of the Force or why Batman is so awesome, he moderates the CNSC Book Club. Paul can be found on Twitter @zero1 where shares his love of movies, tv, coffee and running.